In less than 15 minutes, Quintin will return home from his first day of high school. The boy was so eager to begin this new chapter of his life, and I am so proud of his enthusiasm.

However, I will be buried under the usual heap of paperwork to read, fill-out, sign, copy, and make sure Quintin has his marching orders to return all the paperwork.

We will have a brief time at home to discuss his day, and grab a bite to eat before marching band practice. I will have the luxury of several hours of writing time before walking the one of the three dogs to the football stadium for the end of rehearsal. And this also marks Quintin’s first time on the stadium field for a marching band rehearsal – exiting.

I am enjoying my ALONE TIME. My business email is turned off and will not be opened again until Monday morning. If I do contribute anything to Facebook it will be purely social. And I may type an occasional blog. Unlike President Obama, I am going to be more selfish with my “week away” because I can. I only have an endocrinologist appointment tomorrow, and a special fun lunch scheduled for Friday. Saturday, while Quintin is engaged with the marching band’s donation day, I will write. We may go to Kings Island that evening, and Sunday we will do some more fire-pit work.

Monday will not only return me to my teaching schedule (with 49 students – and I have not even scheduled my middle school students, yet!), and preparations for my family’s visit for the Labor Day weekend.

Photos of Quintin before heading over to the high school…