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“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

You have new Picture Mail!



All those who have achieved great things have been great dreamers….

You have new Picture Mail!


This was such an enjoyable week, and an even better weekend!

Beavercreek HS Show Choir Camp

I don’t think I have enjoyed working the Beavercreek High School show choir camp as much as I did this past week.

Sharon Busch, having completed her second knee surgery, was in excellent spirits, and it was great to see her not in pain.

The instrumental combo was an absolute blast! We added Sophie Lockhart, Ben Scudero and Josh Strange from Fairmont HS, and Andrew Blake from Xenia HS to fill in for the BHS band students who were attending band camp. This combo with Kevin Fagan, Alex (guitar), Mark Monroe, Alex (alto sax), Maggie (trombone), and of course, the wonderful Keith Hitt, rocked from Monday’s first session to Friday’s parent performance.

After the parent performance, Quintin and I joined Joanie & Brian Pollock for a Mexican dinner that was accompanied by more laughter than salsa!

Quintin spent 90 minutes playing lazar tag with the BSH show choir, and I was so appreciative of this invite as Quintin had a blast! I finally got to chat with Don Adams for a spell, and that is always a great treat. Don is one of my favorites.


Quintin and I finally rolled out to the back yard by 10:00am to begin the near-final touches on the fire-pit. The track for the crushed stone is completed, and ready to be filled. I transplanted ground cover, ivy, and mums, mowed the front yard after Quintin mowed the back yard, trimmed, weeded, edged, and cleaned up the debris. Quintin is a hard worker, and always has a great attitude about working on projects.

By 4:00pm I was a bit red, tired, and quite dirty. I laid down for an hour’s nap, showered, and fed pets.

At 6:30pm we were out the door for Carillon Park’s German Festival. It was packed, and the lines were incredibly long for the one major food tent. Instead, we decided to head to the Dayton Mall area for Chinese food, but not before we had the chance to check out the new facility through the windows.

Brady Kress, President & CEO of Dayton History At Carillon Park, has done an enormous job of orchestrating the vision of this new wing of Dayton history which includes a carousel that highlights Dayton’s history… a cash register, a Wright flyer, and the two most exciting items: Wilbur Wright’s dog, Flyer, while he lived in France (1908-1909), and Orville Wright’s Saint Bernard, Scipio. I am so pumped to see it up close, and maybe even ride the carousel this coming Friday at the annual meeting of the board and members! What an exciting event!

The Chinese meal was so-so, but the tons of laughter, and great conversation, made up for it.

Back at the Haasienda it was apparent that the hideous storm that reeked havoc at the Indianapolis State Fair was upon us. However, the thunder, lighting and torrential rain that blasted other parts of Kettering apparently decided to abort our neighborhood.

The windows are open, the breeze is delightful, guitar music floats up from the basement, three dogs are asleep in my study, Logan is curled up on my desk, and I am ready to call it a day!

Tomorrow is writing, and time with Quintin who wants to go on some sort of adventure. That should be fun – whatever it is!

Darin L. Jolliffe-Haas

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