Around 3:15am Chief woke me by hopping off the bed, and sitting in front of the gate to the bedroom, occasionally turning around to look at me in the dark. Fortunately, I felt him get off the bed. After a few minutes I asked if he needed to go out and he came over and nudged my hand.

Navi stirred, but kept her eyes closed. As Chief and I were leaving the bedroom, Navi sleepily scooted off the bed and walked onto the front porch with eyes half closed.

This was a big night. I held their leashes, but allowed them freedom.

Like a good Haas dog, they both walked down the drive, turned right at the sidewalk, stopped to sniff at the tree, and went to the easement to do their business – Navi a little more than Chief. When I began walking up the sidewalk they followed me.

As we stepped onto the front porch, a neighborhood dog, way off in the distance, gave a faint bark. And Navi was responding, loudly, followed by Chief… I scooted them into the house where they bolted for my bedroom like good pups.

Here are the photos of their typical landing sites: Navi on my pillow, Chief waiting at the door for me to return.