I almost hate to see this weekend come to an end. I was so excited to see it arrive due to the hectic week; however, the fun I had with my sons Saturday and Sunday, spending time with them individually and together, was priceless.

This evening we walked the dogs to the backfield of Fairmont High School, and let them romp. Quintin was on his skateboard, and Jose entertained the dogs. The wonderful weather made it all the more enjoyable – yet, nothing could compare to the sound of laughter, yapping pups, the wheels of a skateboard on the pavement.

We walked back home, and headed to Taco Bell, joking, laughing and enjoying our time together. As we ate, I watched the boys interact. Last December 2nd they met one another for the first time, and watching them tonight, it was baffling to think that within four months they acted as though they had been raised together since birth. I wished I could have frozen time to enjoy the twenty minutes or so at Taco Bell forever.

We ventured on to Kroger, and the fun did not cease. Jose’s humor, and style of joking is identical to my younger brother’s, and I find I miss Destin, and his family, all the more each time Jose jokes with Quintin. Destin and Jose are definitely kindred spirits, and as long as Jose continues to resemble Destin, I am confident of the great future before him.

Back at home, we settled into our individual courses: the boys read, and I did more work around the house. Normally, I would not work after supper, but some things needed completing. Quintin read in the kitchen while I worked on the new shelving unit, stopping now and then to ask questions on word definitions. Quintin’s nickname, “Kitten,” seems so appropriate as he is much like Logan, and the pups, desiring to spend time close to Dad.

This week will be another hectic week. Jose will be busy every night with percussion ensemble, and my days will be spent working on taxes, the Wright Brothers’ musical, and several other projects. Along with teaching, I will also be attending a solo competition, musical orchestra rehearsals, playing for show choir auditions, working more around the house, and attending Jose’s final percussion ensemble competitions with WGI this weekend.

This coming weekend seems to herald the end of Jose’s high school career. The only extra-curricular life he had was marching band, and percussion ensemble. Within two weeks of the final competition, Jose will have prom, shortly followed by graduation, and then off to basic training. Two months from Tuesday, my son will leave for Fort Benning. I am excited for him, yet, the father’s heart within feels a little tighter as the days dwindle away.

Logan turns 17 years old on Wednesday. She has slowed down a little, but in many ways she is still as energetic as ever.

Sunday, Quintin turns 16 years old. Any day now we will know the court date of his finalization so that he will officially be Quintin Taylor Jolliffe-Haas.

Thus ends one wonderful week, and I am eager to make this approaching week just as fantastic.