April at the Museum
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Lincoln's watch

Featured Artifact

A secret message inside Abraham Lincoln’s watch?

The news reached watchmaker Jonathan Dillon in Washington, just as he was repairing Abraham Lincoln’s timepiece. On April 12, 1861, Confederate forces had fired on Fort Sumter . . .

Union and Confederate uniforms

Featured Exhibit

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

Both sides envisioned easy victories after eleven Southern states seceded and war broke out in 1861. But the bitter, ruthless fight lasted four years, and proved to be the nation’s bloodiest and most divisive conflict. Explore Civil War artifacts online or in person.

Smithsonian Council for American History

The Museum is grateful to the following members who recently joined the Council or renewed their membership:

  • Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg
  • Shirley Loo
  • Jeff and Annie Lowdermilk
  • Fran Morris-Rosman and Richard Rosman
  • Doug and Betsy Stiles

You can become a part of this special group. Find out more.

Song of the Month

Free Song of the Month

“See What You Done Done” by Baby Tate from the Independent Music Award-Nominated Smithsonian Folkways album Classic Appalachian Blues.

Enter code NMAHBABY to save 20% on CDs or downloads of this album through April 30.

Download the song.

See Washington, D.C., as it looked during the Civil War.

Armory hospitalSo Much Need of Service” – The Diary of a Civil War Nurse opens Friday, April 22. This exhibition features the diary, photo albums, and letters of Civil War nurse, Amanda Akin. In April 1863, Akin left her home in Quaker Hill, New York, to serve as a nurse at Armory Square Hospital, where she stayed for 15 months.

A Peek Inside the Conservation of the Jefferson Bible

ConservatorHow do museum professionals define the condition of an artifact, and determine whether it can be used or exhibited without harm? The answer is by very, very careful investigation.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz Appreciation MonthThe Smithsonian invites you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Jazz Appreciation Month with performances, talks, tours and family-oriented events. This year’s programming examines the legacies of women in jazz.