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It’s the last Thursday in the month of February. I cannot believe how quickly this month has charged ahead. It has been an eventful month, and an exciting one as well.

As the three of us sat at Bill’s Donuts on this cold, rainy night, enjoying the best sweet-eats in the Miami Valley, I looked at my sons: Jose looking tired and drawn from three hours of percussion rehearsal, and Quintin, sporting a new haircut, and more confident and open since arriving. Quintin has been with us two months since last Sunday (February 20th). The seamless, smooth transition still continues to amaze me. Jose has been with me seven years, and it is neat to see the young man he has become.

Logan, the 17 year old feline member of the family, is still active, energetic, and quite the personality. Flyer, now 10 years old, is beginning to show her age, perhaps more so due to her increasing blindness; however, her intelligence and sweetness still beams brightly.

Perhaps the puppies were a “God wink.” Maybe they chose me – just as Flyer did ten years ago when the tiny creature at play with her much larger siblings looked up to notice me watching her. Maybe I need these two pups more than they need me. The boys will grow, graduate, and move on into their adult lives; the aging pets will one day begin a different journey; and it will just be Dad. Maybe the pups are meant to be creatures of transition.

Their transition has been much like Quintin’s – except for the potty training. The pups fit in with the family, the home, the students, and seem as though they have been here much longer than four days. The study has become their sanctuary, as has a blanket next to my bed. Navi & Chief have merged in with the flow of our entire day, and seem a part of Team Haas. When the front door opens, the pups now beat Flyer to the area, eager to greet whomever enters. They understand that they are to camp out at the kitchen table when we eat, much like paparazzi waiting on celebrities to appear.

Tomorrow begins a long range of weekend activities. Once I finish teaching tomorrow evening, it is on to:

  • ACTION Adoption Services to be a part of a filming activity for a marketing DVD
  • Accompanying SEUSSICAL (the musical) auditions Saturday morning and afternoon
  • Percussion competition at the Nutter Center (running until 9:30pm)
  • Dinner and bowling with the Lockharts
  • Percussion competition Sunday morning and afternoon
  • and always, more puppy training

And now, to Puppies, Precipitation, Piano, Percussion I shall add: Pillow.


Darin L. Jolliffe-Haas


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