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In my defense, I had seriously considered heading to SICSA to discuss the prospects of a younger dog to assist Flyer in her new state of blindness. Someone recommended a younger dog might be great medicine for her.

While driving through the Indiana countryside Sunday afternoon, I continued along Highway 1 taking the little jog just before Farmland. The first farm on the right had this hand-lettered sign: “Free puppies.” I slowed down, studying the sign. Quintin looked at me, smiling. I verbally battled myself and drove on, but not fully accelerating.

“Are you going to go back?”

I looked over at Quintin, who by this time was laughing at my indecision.

The car was turned around in the middle of the road.

In the driveway I was greeted by several hound dogs. I was relieved. I am true fan of the hound. I went to the door and was greeted by the farmer who instructed me to go around back where his daughter would show me to the barn. Quintin and I walked with the Monroe-Central freshman to the barn. I explained to Quintin we would just be looking.

About ten minutes later we returned to the car carrying two puppies. When I looked into the room where the puppies were, it was like looking at baby Flyer! We met the mother who is a Springer Spaniel and shaggy dog mix, very gentle and affectionate. There were twelve puppies born in this litter, and only six remained. I told Quintin to pick out a puppy. He selected the chubbier thirteen week-old puppy who showed much energy. I spied the runt of the litter – a shy, passive little thing who looked terrified. Her size, compared to her siblings, was just like Flyer’s sibling litter. I held her for a few minutes and she was all about kisses and snuggling. The farm girl explained the others were mean to her, and she was afraid she would be injured or killed. That was it.

So, here it is, Tuesday morning. There are two freshly bathed puppies sleeping at my feet. Already they understand the study is my place and they rush ahead when I leave another room, assuming I will head to my desk. While mopping the floors this morning, they sat patiently, investigating my every move. Potty training has been a bit difficult due to all the rain, but I am confident the process will be just fine. I am learning how to juggle their entire training process (commands & potty), and already they each have “sit” mastered. Tomorrow, I will begin a new command.

I must admit, they are adorable!

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