Mother always told me, “Figure it out” when I was confronted with a barrier – no matter what the issue. And this I have done for many years. The challenging phrase has always come in handy as a father (especially in the kitchen), a teacher and theatre director.

So today, after traveling to six different places in search of more sidewalk salt I stood in the back of Meijers trying to “figure out” something. I looked at the empty floor crate where bags upon bags of sidewalk salt had been piled quite high Tuesday evening. I stood there looking at the crate – much like many of us do when standing before the opened refrigerator, or cabinets hoping something missing will magically appear before us. As I turned around, I saw some boxes of RainEx next to windshield wiper fluid with the de-icer additive.


For $1.09, I walked out with two huge jugs. Much cheaper than the $5-8 bags that are available. I was not sure how it would work on sidewalks, but I knew it was great for icy windshields.

At home, I got a pressure sprayer from the shed, and within 20 minutes, the front steps were cleared of ice, and a bit of the driveway by the steps.

I figured it out, Mother!