It’s evenings like this that keep reminding me why I love being a dad.

My first student made it over from the high school next door, and the second student followed but was gone by 4:00pm. The remaining students canceled due to the weather.

In 1978, while the blizzard of the previous century was burying the Midwest and East Coast, Elwood Community Schools actually canceled – one of the first, and very few times while I was a student. The night of the snow’s arrival my grandmother could not get back out to the farm, and stayed with us. By 9:00pm, we were already experiencing cabin fever and decided to brave the elements and drive to Pizza Hut. I can still remember the smoothness of the streets before us and turning to see our single tracks trailing.

At 13, that was a memorable adventure. And it was only one among many with Mother, and my grandparents, who were hearty Hoosiers.

I have carried this Hoosier heartiness with me, and tonight, while Shroyer Road was fairly quiet, we drove to Elsa’s for dinner. The boys, were telling jokes, and picking on me – and naturally, it was all returned.

Dinner time for us is always one of my favorite times. Sadly, our dinners together will be sparse until mid-April. Jose has now joined Fairmont’s percussion ensemble which saps every bit of his free time – as well as our spring break trip to Florida – and Quintin is now involved with the youth bands at church, as well as the Wednesday night youth program. Jose also works the two remaining nights he is free of percussion ensemble.

Despite the juggled nightly suppers, I am glad the boys are involved in very worthwhile projects – both of which are in music.

After dinner, we drove to Big Lots for some snacks since the boys are certain we will have a snow day. I hope not. I have a meeting at the middle school, followed by an early lunch with Bill Hetzer whom I have not seen in months. I can easily make lunch, but the school meeting is important.

The laughter has settled while the boys play one another on XBox 360 Live from different areas of the house. I am holed up in my study until 9:30pm when we three shall barrel into the kitchen for a small snack which is always accompanied by tons of laughter.

The laughter… my favorite part….