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I came over to the library to check my emails since my main computer and laptop have both crashed. Hopefully I will get a blog entry completed to catch everyone up with the past few days.

Quintin’s plane arrived a little early Monday, and we were home from the airport by 4:45pm.

By 5:15pm, family and members of the godparent team were arriving, and at 5:30pm the candle-lighting ceremony was under way. It was very moving! Just before Quintin, Jose and I lit the third candle to commemorate Quintin’s new family, the adoption placement agreement was signed.

After the candles were lit, the group of 25+ headed to Marion’s Pizza where we lingered for a good two hours.

My nephew, Jackson Lockhart, drove Jose and Quintin to the Carter family’s home for an evening of Rockband. Joyce texted me to indicate Quintin was right at home, and having a blast! When the boys did arrive home, Quintin was a pretty happy chap.

Tuesday, Quintin got his first taste of the Haasienda filled with students and music! He seemed to really enjoy the constant flow of piano, saxophone and voice.

We celebrated our first official twenty-four hours with a dinner at Olive Garden. Quintin and I had a good 90 minutes to chat while Jose was at work, and after dinner, Jose and I had some private chat time.

Today was more teaching, and at 12:30pm, the Haas men joined the Pollock family for what has now become a tradition (in its second year)… the Pollocks treated us to dinner at Mongolian Grill. Quintin was pretty amused with the guys prepping the food on the grill.

Tonight looks like a rather quiet night for the Haasienda. No plans!

Quintin is such a great fit, and it cracks me up that the quiet, somber boy I thought I was getting is anything but quiet and somber! He has his quiet, shy moments, but when he is with Jose and I, he is witty, rambunctious (to a degree), and wholly entertaining!

Thursday morning I have a few lessons, and then I will do the mad rush of Christmas shopping, bake some cookies, and pack for Indiana. We plan to leave by 8:30am Friday morning, and head on up to the Haas home in Fowler, Indiana. I am so excited to see my brother, sister-in-law, their three beautiful children, Stacia’s family…

So, that is the news from the Haasienda on a cold Wednesday evening in December.

Much love to all…
Darin, Jose, Quintin, Flyer and Logan

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