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I fell asleep around 1:00am, and woke nearly every hour before finally rousing fully at 5:00am. The coffee maker kicked on, and Mother and I started the morning with our cups, chatting and watching the morning news. Flyer and Logan were up, and going strong, so their clocks will be slightly off today.

Blueberry pancakes (with real blueberries) were piled high, and will later be bagged for the freezer, as they are quick breakfast munchies for teenagers (and 46 year olds, too!).

I receive the nicest emails, or notes on Facebook regarding Quintin’s arrival, which is now at six hours. He and his case worker are now on the airplane en route to Denver.

I am excited, but very relaxed. I am sure as the time grows near this will all change.

December 20th is one of my favorite days because it is the birthday of my favorite great-grandmother, Mary Belle Jones-Clary. For me, this is a blessed day to receive a new son.

Normally, I celebrate “Gotcha Day” on the first day I meet a new son; however, this time, I have requested to keep this “Gotcha Day” on December 20th since it is already a special family day.

The hours tick away…

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