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I am sitting up in my bed, typing away, while glancing out at the beautiful sunrise that greets this day with its gentle rays spotlighting the trees. The new coffee maker – my first programmable – awaited my entrance into the kitchen with Flyer and Logan scurrying about my feet, and taking their usual places as I prepared their morning meals.

In a short while I shall drive Jose to drill – which is more of a Christmas celebration, and return home to sweep, mop, and do last minute household chores.

Friday night, Jose asked me to please trim his hair so he would not be reamed for having an inappropriate hair cut as his first drill experience. After the first drill, I did a fantastic job, and nothing was said the second day of drill. So, Friday, I asked if he wanted it shaved like the last time. “No, it’ll be fine.”

A few minutes ago, Jose came into my bedroom and asked if I would please cut his hair because he was reprimanded again.

I think the military should hire me as a barber. I am getting the hang of it.

I have returned to my room… there is still hot coffee in the kitchen, the fury daughters are lounging on either side of me, and the day is becoming even more beautiful as it matures.

Mother will be here in a few hours… Jose will be at drill… and Quintin will be preparing for his final day in New Mexico…

What a wonderful December morning…

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December 2010
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