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When Quintin arrives Monday, December 20th, the adoption placement agreement will be signed, and following that, Quintin will light three candles: 1) the first for his birth family and all their traits and life he carries with him; 2) the next for all those wonderful souls who guided him on his next journey ~ case workers, foster families, therapists; and 3) a candle to celebrate his new life with his new family.

I built upon this neat event with candles with colors, and items that are significant to both Quintin, and myself.

I chose colored glass stones to fill each candle goblet to celebrate the colored glass factories that were such a part of my own childhood growing up in Elwood, Indiana.

The first candle is filled with turquoise colored glass stones to celebrate Quintin’s Navajo heritage…

The second goblet is filled with clear/white stones to represent the “angels” – both earthly and above – who guided him through the next journey ~ all his case workers, therapists, and especially, the foster families like Jun & Nina…

The third and last candle, which represents Quintin’s new family, and new life, is filled with many colors to represent rainbows of hope, and a life full of technicolor dreams…

How exciting this tender, yet momentous ceremony will be as Quintin transitions from his life in New Mexico to his life with us…

“Let music never die in me, Forever let my spirit sing.”

In years past I signed one million-umpteen holiday cards. I always planned to get an early start each year, but naturally, it never happened.

My first year with the least amount of holiday concerts and events in the past thirty-three years I still found myself thinking about Christmas/holiday greetings on December 12th. However, I learned a secret about Kodak on-line and having them ready in 24-hours at Target!

Am so happy there is a new son added to the family just before the holidays!

Many thanks to all for making this happen!

Darin, Jose & Quintin (lovingly dubbed “Kitten” by Jose)

“Let music never die in me, Forever let my spirit sing.”

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