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Every time I check out Jeffrey Carter’s Word Press blog site I always find something new to add to my own. While working on some adjustments to my own site, I discovered I can send directly from my email to Word Press.

Ain’t technology great?

The weekend has come, and gone. What a beautiful, wonderful weekend it was, and shall remain.

Quintin’s visit was fantastic, and when the sad-eyed lad departed Sunday morning, an emptiness seemed to engulf the house. Jose and I always seem to fill up the home with tons of laughter, and fun, but somehow, knowing there was someone who now belongs here with us in the Haasienda, made it seem a bit hollow.

Jose made the weekend perfect. He knows how to connect to others so easily, and merrily, and I am so grateful for all he does to make “Kitten” feel welcome, and a part of the family. I know I do my share, but Jose has the knack… but he was once in Quintin’s shoes, too.

How brave are these boys who take that uncertain step toward a new family, a new home, a new school – a new life. I have made two major moves in my life. One was to Ball State University, and the next was to Dayton, Ohio. Although I have moved several times in the past twenty years of living in the Miami Valley, it is nothing compared to what my sons, and countless other adopted children have done. I made my own decisions with each move. For newly adopted children, someone else is making all the decisions for their entire future. Naturally, children have parents, or guardians making decisions, but for foster, and adopted children, it is just one more decision, one more move, one more new family, one more move, one more… one more…

A week from today, Quintin Jolliffe-Haas will return home for good. He was tenderly, graciously, and lovingly welcomed by several of our family friends, and got to experience his first concert which featured a live orchestra and choirs, along with one of my favorite artists, Mark Hayes. Next Monday, Quintin will get to meet several more family friends, and most importantly, his grandmother who is anxious to welcome her second new grandchild of this year.

Quintin is often very quiet around others, but opens up with a great deal of humor and chattiness when he is with Jose and myself. It is comforting, and reassuring, to know he feels secure, and at home with his new brother and father.

This week will be filled with last minute preparations for Quintin’s arrival and life with us, holiday concerts, and details that always precede the holidays.

Today, I will head over to Trent Arena to see my ginger-headed nephew, Jackson Lockhart, sign on with Freed-Hardeman University from Henderson, Tennessee. Jackson is a left-handed pitcher, and has done an amazing job throughout his high school baseball career. Normally, I would have written a teasing comment, but today is different… Jackson is signing the papers that will take him on the next step of his life’s journey, and one of the most important steps on his young adulthood’s journey. I still remember holding the fiery-red head when he was three months old…

This week seems to be hammering away at changes… securing the promise of new beginnings… and blessing my family – including the tall red head – with so many more opportunities…

“Let music never die in me, Forever let my spirit sing.”

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