There may be some hope!

Conversation with Dr. Adam, from Far Hills Animal Clinic, Thursday morning, 8:30am:

  • Acute pancreatitis
    • Amylase (twice normal)
    • lipase (greater than a 1000 – system was not calibrated to read higher)
    • if pancreatitis is healed, then blood sugar may not be an issue
    • will be difficult to cure with uterine infection
  • would like to start treatment to stabilize her pancreas and hypoglycemia
  • however, she may flounder with treatments since she is so ill
  • Dr. Adam suggested aggressive treatment where she would be hospitalized $$
    • IV
    • catheter
    • hospitalization would be $250-350 per day
    • later surgery for spay
  • A conservative treatment – which worries him due to her high counts – would be as an outpatient
    • blood sugar check
    • antibiotic fluid under the skin
    • around $150 per day for outpatient treatment
  • Dr. Adam doesn’t think she will pull through without the aggressive treatment

This is what I know so far, I told Dr. Adam I would call him back around 11:00am to let him know.

Thank you, to everyone, for the prayers, visits, emails, etc.!!!