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I woke this morning, for the first time in several weeks, with renewed energy, and not the first bit of sluggishness. Despite the grey clouds that shrouded the Miami Valley this morning, I was determined to have an enjoyable day, filled with writing, reading, walking and spending time with Jose.

Around 9:30am, after accomplishing a good deal, I received an email from Facbook requesting to verify a change of password. I had not changed my password!

From a previous experience last October, I knew that I was being hacked.

However, this was to quickly become a little more complicated.

As I attempted to change my Facebook password to secure it, I was suddenly logged out of my email account on SBC. I logged back in, and discovered I had no contacts remaining in my contact folder.

Then a call from a Beavercreek friend alerted me to the fact that an email was being distributed from a slightly altered email address, claiming I had been mugged in Scotland! While I was on the telephone with this friend, another friend, currently living in England, called to say she had received an email (and probably wondering why I was not visiting her being so close!).

I was quickly discovering that even having reset my email password four times, someone was still breaking into my email account and sending out bogus messages regarding my financial distress in Scotland. Incoming emails were being moved – right before my eyes – to my “trash” folder. Jose had sent me the URL to my Facebook site, and we both watched as his newly arrived email was deposited into the “trash” file.

I began juggling several items at once, and by 2:30pm had most things wrapped up.

My on-line banking, Sprint, Time-Warner and Facebook had all been hacked. Fortunately, everything except Facebook, is safe. As I was juggling items, the hacker completely changed my email address into Facebook, and now I cannot even make a claim that I have forgotten my password to have it sent to my email – that original email address no longer exists to gain entry into my account.

Major UGH!

I have been seriously hacked in my email accounts and my Facebook account. Facebook says I no longer exist! Ugh… it is a mess!

As a child, my grandmother frequently reminded me that she shared a birthday with President Truman, and that her 21st birthday was dually celebrated with VE Day!

So here is a birthday tribute to one of my favorite presidents (don’t worry Mr. Lincoln, you are still the top dog!)…

President Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953

President Truman, and “The Boss” – First Lady, Bess Truman

Harry & Bess Truman on their wedding day

President Truman, an accomplished pianist, with Jack Benny

The Truman Home in Independence, Missouri

President Lyndon Johnson signs The 1965 Medicare Act as former president Harry Truman, Bess Truman and Lady Bird Johnson look on.

The graves of Harry & Bess Truman at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence

What a picture!

Two of my favorite guys – Harry Truman and Winston Churchill

One of my favorite photographs of all time… the Trumans.

Today, May 8th, my grandmother, Donna M. Clary-Barmes, would have been 88 years old.

Here are some photographs of my grandmother throughout the years she blessed so many lives… especially, mine.

Donna Clary in 1st grade; approx. 1929-1930

Donna with her older brother, Ronald Monroe Clary (1921-1936)

Donna with her younger sister, Joyce Ann Clary-Riser.

Donna’s senior portrait, 1940; Summitville High School, Indiana.

My grandparents (Donna Clary & Leroy Barmes) in 1941 before their 1943 marriage.

My grandmother with her parents (Mary Belle Jones-Clary, Garrett Clary) and sister, Joyce; 1962.

Four generations: Belle Clary, Diana Barmes (my mother), myself, Donna Barmes; December 1964.

Donna with her parents, Garrett & Belle Clary, and her sister, Joyce Riser. 1967.

My mother, Diana, and my grandmother, Donna. 1990.

Grandma Donna, 1990.

Donna Mae Clary Barmes

8 May 1924 – 27 June 1992

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