As I drove in this morning there was more bad news about the global economy …. markets around the world dropped more overnight and our market was indicating yet another drop this morning.  The word everyone keeps using is fear.  I can tell you I have had my anxious moments these past weeks as trillions of dollars have evaporated from accounts of real people …. your 401K and mine.  I won’t give financial advice but I will offer some spiritual advice. 


The more that fear is gripping you the more you need to talk to someone that went through the great depression.  Millions of real people made it through the great depression and we will make it through our current economic hardship … or whatever history will call this market fluctuation.  In the last number of days I have talked with folks whose families lived through the great depression and they survived.  We will survive too. 


No doubt real people will have serious and real problems.  And the Christian community will do what it has done since Jesus first fed the 5000.  We will look out on our neighbor in need and have compassion.  We will do what Jesus taught us to do …. love and care for each other! 


All will be well!  We still, even with incredible financial losses, are blessed beyond measure.  But what about the anxious feeling that is real and in my gut?  Try this exercise.  St. Paul give some wonderful advice to center the soul …. it is a mantra of sorts found in the letter to the Philippians.  As you repeat this mantra it will help with your Being.  Pray with me.  Center yourself with me.    


Be . . . .

Anxious in Nothing
Prayerful in Everything
Thankful in Anything.


Or here is how I say it in prayer form:


Let me Be ….

Anxious in Nothing
Prayerful in Everything
Thankful in Anything


Print this out or put this on a 3X5 card and tape it up where you can see it and pray it everyday …. 20, 50, 100 times a day.  Pray it until that anxiety begins to fade and the Spirit of God fills you up once again. 


Another way to help is to be in church this Sunday Be with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Be with those that love you.  They need your presence and you need theirs.  When we see those we love everything always seems better.  See you in your pew this Sunday!  


Peace, Pastor Monte