It is so strange to see school closings on television when I can look out into my backyard – there is green grass, sunshine, blooming flowers… but over half of Kettering is still without power. Only three students out of 18 these past few days have had power. It is amazing to hear what some families have been doing to cope with the lack of modern day conveniences to which we have been so accustomed.

Jose and I drove downtown to celebrate GOTCHA DAY at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants and though I had seen the destruction in our own neighborhood, I could not believe what I was seeing… it looked like a war zone, or a tornado’s path. Near the UD campus, on Brown Street, three huge trees were cradled by power lines. Since UD was powered up, classes were in session… but those power lines, straining like large bungee cords waiting to either break, or launch a tree over onto the John Patterson homestead.

My students this evening just looked exhausted. There were some neat stories of how the families had adjusted, but you could see the stress, and strain.

We shall survive… it is not winter, the weather is perfect so no air conditioning or heat is needed, yet there still lurks the danger of trees that continue to fall… and rain water, snow and ice are very near.