Friday night was a home football game – the first of the season against Fairmont’s biggest rival, Alter High School. I skipped it. The heat and humidity were unbearable, and although I was not feeling great pain with my finger, I decided to not attend the game.

Jose returned home with a friend from the percussion pit, Matt. Matt just moved here from Vandalia Butler High School, and is also a sophomore. Matt has spent some time with us, and seems to enjoy our zany humor. The three of us went to Wal-Mart (yes, at 11:30pm) to look at computers. Windows crashed on mine, and there was little to do to salvage it. So, I took the time on Thursday, and Friday night to price computers.

At home the boys settled into the basement with snacks and games.

Saturday morning I woke at 7:00am, started my day. The boys had Donation Day with the band at 9:00am, so I hurried off to Wal-Mart to buy the computer – a HP with a 20″ wide monitor. I did not need the monitor, but now, seeing how much bigger it is than my old one – I love it. I spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the computer, and then started in on rearranging/organizing my work space.

By 11:00pm, it was spotless and organized, and looking much like an area where neat stuff happens!

I turned in around midnight with THE WEST WING, season four set… ahhh… what a wonderful series. I miss it. I miss the characters. I also miss the false sense of security thinking someone like Josiah Bartlett (played by Martin Sheen) is running our country!

Sunday morning I woke rather late – 8:00am! Ugh! My day was wasting away. After nibbling on some fruit and yogurt, watering the flowers and veggies, I settled down to call Mother. No answer. Several more tries… no answer. Strange for Mother to be gone on a Sunday morning.

Jeff Carter called and we had a great chat for an hour or so.

I went out on the deck to check on squirrels… they are getting smarter! They now run when I walk on to the deck. Perhaps I should make a scarecrow with my face.