My mother’s younger brother, Ronald Dean Barmes, would have turned 56 years this past May. Sadly, he took his own life in June 1987.

Uncle Ron had married, and had two daughters, Alicia and Amanda. Both girls are married and had daughters of their own. Alicia just gave birth to her third daughter this past Tuesday, August 19th (which happens to be National Aviation day in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday).

Alicia is about 31 years old, and I believe Amanda is approximately 26. Alicia and her family still reside in Virginia Beach, and Amanda, once a military brat and now a military wife, lives in Texas with her two daughters.

On the Barmes side, all my first cousins are a good deal younger than me. My uncle, Tom, has two sons who are the age of mine – teenagers. Of course, all my first cousins’ daughters are the ages of my nephews. This is what happens when you and your mother are the eldest by several years.

Here are some photos of the newest first cousin…

Ron’s eldest daughter, Alicia.

Aunt Betty and Jordan.

Alicia’s eldest daughter, Jamie, and Jordan.

Alicia’s second daughter, Jennifer.

And the new baby, Jordan Deann.