Tuesday morning….Left Dayton, Ohio at 6:30am. Arrived in Fowler, Indiana at 9:30am. Chatted with my sister-in-law, Stacia, for a few minutes, and of course, Parker (Frederick was asleep); packed Jose’s items and we were off toward Chicago by 10:30am. As we were heading to the school we passed Destin – pulled over on the side of the road and chatted for a few minutes.

For the next two hours to the hotel, Jose was animated about all the fun he had with Destin, Stacia, the boys, Stacia’s mom, Norma, and all the work he did while there for three weeks. Had Flyer been with him, I believe Jose could stay there all summer.

We had a terribly easy trip into Chicago, all the way up Route 41, and then on to I-90 – and on to our hotel north of O’Hare in Elk Grove Village. We were checked into our room by 12:30pm (we gained an hour), and I took a nap. We drove over to this lovely little place called Mount Prospect to catch the train into the cit! y – the only way to travel in a large city. The train station is very 1900’s, and across the street was an attorney, named Haas.

Chicago is beautiful, and as you will see, the architecture captured me.

Our first stop was Sears Tower… what an impressive view. I have been up in the World Train Center and Empire State Building but not Sears. Amazing… and a clear, beautiful afternoon.

We hiked further into the city, towards Lake Michigan, stopping to eat at McDonalds.

We walked through half of Grant Park where the Taste of Chicago event was just getting under way…. it was crowded, but the crowds were yet to come!

Millenium Park is a must for any visit to this city… the tall fountains had faces that spit water – but the spitting had ceased while we were there.

The kidney shaped mirror was neat, as was the amphitheatre.

Back through Grant Park, and up to Buckingham Fountain – nothing to do with Queen Liz II and her hou! se – just a wealthy patron. You may recognize this fountain at! the beg inning of the television show, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.

The Lincoln Museum from Springfield had a trailer with some Lincoln items – no originals… but I had a taste of Lincoln.

The street lights caught Jose’s attention – and once you see the globes, I assume you will understand why.

Then, at the bridge was a column with lights… something struck me but the image was in black and white… and then I remembered seeing a photograph of my grandmother, Donna Clary Barmes, standing on the rail for a photo – when she was visiting her uncle and aunt, Alphie & Clara Jones.

The last photo was of the marquee for JERSEY BOYS where a former student is playing.