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Aside from Logan bringing the bunny head to the deck door, it has been a relatively quiet week. The first three days went amazingly fast, and here I am Thursday morning, ready to dig into writing on the Wrights.
I pulled two new books from the library on Glenn Curtiss, one of the Wrights’ biggest rivals. Curtiss is commonly known as either the fastest man on earth due to his motorcycle racing in 1900-1904, or the father of naval aviation. However, he is the villain in my show!
I also got a video on Alexander Graham Bell who was also against the Wrights – many do not realize that AGB was a major voice in early aviation, and worked extensively on behalf of the deaf.
Last night I was eating a brownie and one of my temporary crowns came off… grrr… I hate the thought of taking time out of my day to have it re-secured when I want to be writing.
This weekend I intend to camp out and write. I don’t believe there are any Lockhart ball games, and Jose is still having a grand time in northwestern Indiana.
Jeff Carter sent an email and blog attachment of his new digs in St. Louis. He officially started at Webster University this week.
Next week is a light week for teaching as many are gone on vacation, or will be attending camps and conferences. I am looking forward to the extra writing time. Monday I am finished at 3:30pm, and Wednesday, I have only two students at 4pm and 5pm.
The following week I am back on schedule with teaching and writing.
June 30th I will teach a few students.
July 1st I will head to Indiana to retrieve Pepito from Destin & Stacia, probably will need to pry his hands loose to drag him off. When he calls, he delightfully launches into what he has done, and it is always sprinkled with notes about Parker and Fred. I may need to set up a deal where Stacia sends a weekly supply of cooking – he does love Aunt Stacia’s cooking!
Either that evening, or the next morning we will head over into Illinois and spend a day or two in Springfield. Jose has mentioned several times he would enjoy going to the Lincoln sites again. I think he also wants to see Springfield since he lived there for approximately eight years with his birth family. Depending on the fuel issues, we may return to Dayton, and maybe take a weekend trip to Cedar Point. 
This week has been filled with wonderful tributes to Tim Russert. His son, Luke, a recent college graduate, was so impressive. Last Sunday, there was a beautiful photo taken of Luke following the MEET THE PRESS, which was a tribute to his father – Luke is standing in silhouette, his hand resting on his father’s empty chair at the moderating table. Very touching. The one item I loved the most was how on Friday morning, a few hours before he collapsed, Tim Russert drove over to his son’s new apartment to let the cable guy in! Tim Russert was a powerhouse in the political media, but an all around great guy and father.
Have a great week!

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