We are now in our third week of school which began August 28th for the students.

So far, my 15 year old son, Jose, is doing well, and really attempting to make greater strides than he did in middle school. I went to open house last week, met his teachers – most of whom I already knew – and received glowing reports… so far. I am still concerned about his study habits, and his first test in world history on 09/18 will determine a good deal. Jose has had ample time to prepare for this test, but I do not see him studying.

Teaching is going well, and the students seem more driven this year. I am also pushing a little harder, and raising the bar as they continue to progress.

The summer was great: a week in the Outer Banks, marching band starting up (a new chapter for our family despite my former life as a band director), band camp, visits from family and friends, movies, fireworks on the beach, Kings Island, family walks, church events, and several very fun gatherings. It was a busy summer, but so relaxing, and refreshing.

In August, Jose and I spent several days with my brother, Destin, my sister-in-law, Stacia, and my two year old nephew, Parker. That Saturday, we met up with my mother, sister, Dena, and my two nephews, Jonathan and Andrew at Indiana Beach for the day.

Labor Day weekend, the entiure family came over for the Holiday At Home festival and parade here in Kettering. Saturday night, the Stevens family – Monte, Chris, Nathaniel and Adam, joined our family for taco salad and strawberries. Sunday, we had a Thanksgiving dinner, and I prepared the turkey – my first. My sister-in-law, Stacia, is expecting their second child in November, and I suggested we have a dinner in the event she is not able to join us in November. It was a fantastic weekend.

So far we have had two football games at home, with our first away game Friday, and our first band contest this Saturday. I am excited.

Jose’s new haircut has been a success – his long hair just hid too much of his face, personality, and self-confidence.

I am busy finishing the writing of THE BIRD LET LOOSE, a musical on the Wright family – Wilbur, Orville, and their sister, Katharine. This is not the typical story that everyone knows – their life prior to their first flight at Kitty Hawk, December 17th, 1903. Our story begins in April 1908, five years after they first flew. Their story following 1908 is so compelling.

I am will also begin working with a student/co-writer, Nathaniel Stevens, on a musical about a wonderful family at our church. The youngest brother of five grown children brutally murdered his parents while on a cocaine high. He admitted to his crime, and requested the death penalty. While in prison for a very short time, his three sisters began communicating with him again, realizing that without drugs in his system, he was the sweet, adorable younger brother they knew when younger. The older brother could not readily forgive. The day before the execution, the older brother gave way to forgiveness. The family gathered in the booth to watch their brother’s execution. I am sure this sounds rather bizarre for a musical topic, but it is one of the most beautifully inspiring stories I have learned through the years.

Flyer, my 6yo Springer/Lab/Huskey is just as thrilled with life as she normally is. Logan, my cat who is now in her 14th year, is not slowing down with her activites of combing the yard for critters, but she is beginning to slow down physically – mostly in her ability to jump to higher areas. Once, she could scale the 6ft. privacy fence; now, she hesitates to jump three feet. Still, she is sassy, and ever affectionate.

I still feel as though I am terribly behind in my blogging, but time seems to be grabbed away from all directions – and most know how I keep my self organized and on a schedule!