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Although summer officially begins next week, for us, it began this Monday.

After a fantastic, but exhausting weekend, I woke Jose at 7:00am for his first day of summer phys ed.  I was up early, plants watered, showered, and out the door by 7:15am to run errands. Jose left around 7:40am. As I was passing by the high school around 8:15am, I saw Jose walking across the lawn. My brain was racing РDid I fill out all the paperwork correctly? Was he bumped because an upper classman needed in the class?

I met Jose at the parking lot. With a smile, and a twinkle, he said, “Summer school begins tomorrow.” I casually looked around at the high school parking lot, noting the emptiness… Ooops.

My lessons began with two former students who are returning for voice coaching, and how wonderful it was to reconnect with them.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are long days of teaching, but I have a 2 hour scheduled lunch break which was nice. I fixed hamburgers the first three days, and Jose and I took our lunch on the deck. Thursday was a taco salad. I have really enjoyed our time together this week, and it is neat to see Jose growing more into the high school frame of mind. He is very eager to officially begin high school.

Summer school ends June 29th, and I am hoping to make a dash to the Outer Banks for a mini-vacation before marching band begins, July 9th. Once marching band commences, the quiet life as we know it will be over. Jose will have band from 9:00am to Noon, and 1:00pm-3:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Band camp is the last week of July. When they return, it is the same schedule of 9:00am-3:00pm each day with Fridays off. The end of August school will begin on the 28th, and the first football game against Alter will officially begin the marching band season. Once September hits, it will be a game each Friday, and a contest each Saturday through October 31st.

Jose is pumped about marching band, and I am so glad, as I am hoping this will be his niche. He needs something like this, and I am glad he will have Mike Berning as a band director – they don’t come any better than Berning.

Tomorrow is Friday – well, it is 12:30am – Friday is here. I will go get new plates for the car, run some errands, and hopefully by Noon, I will be able to relax the remainder of the weekend.





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