I was sitting at my desk this afternoon when I heard a familiar “screach.” I knew, instantly, what it was.

As I rose from my desk, Flyer raced past me, and out my study door. I ran to the steps of the deck to find Flyer and Logan chasing the poor chipmonk… Flyer finally grabbed it. I yelled for her to drop it, and she obeyed. However, Logan immediately reached down with her mouth and grabbed it by the neck.

Logan fiercely shook her head, once, and something snapped in the poor little fellow. She dropped it, and both pets danced around the adorbale little creature as it flopped on the pavement.

I hurried both pets back into the house and closed the door. The little chipmonk calmed down and looked up at me, pleadingly.

The spasms stopped, but his breathing continued… for a few minutes.

It tried to lift its head several times, but with a broken neck, or spine, it was too painful, impossible.

The little fellow died.

This is the 8th or 9th chipmonk killed by one of the pets. The chipmonks are pesky little fellows, but still adorable. I think Logan is the high executioner, and Flyer is the deliverer. We have had slaughtered chipmonks left on the deck, on the steps of the deck, on the patio off the deck, and in my study.

I stepped back out several times to check on the little fellow, hoping he had merely passed out and had escaped…. but sadly, he remained on the sidewalk, still…

Logan and Flyer were both eager to return to the great wilds of our back yard, but I kept them inside. It is amazing to me how Logan always hisses and slaps at the ever playful Flyer, but when it comes to grabbing food from my plate when I leave my study, or killing a chipmonk, she is all about team work!

After reading an Email last night from Claudia Mink, describing the execution of her brother, Scott, for murdering their parents, I read a good deal about capital punishment. This morning I was read a number of articles on the murders innocent Iraq citisens, mandated by the fool sitting in the Oval Office.

The little chipmonk’s death, right before my eyes, reminded me how gentle life is… and how sad that it is sometimes taken too soon by those who hold little regard for others….