What a fun, busy week.

Kettering Middle School’s choral concert was Thursday, and it came off well. I will miss working with Loretta. I got to finally meet her husband, Rick, and her two absolutely adorable daughters! What fun Loretta and I had this past year.

After the concert, Jose worked on his poem for Language Arts. It is very touching piece about his birth mother…

A Young Boys Life

 When I was a boy you were there for me

Whenever anything happened you were there for me

When I fell you were there to help me on my feet 

As I got older you made some bad choices

But I still loved you no matter what 

When I was ten I was taken from you

I was afraid not knowing where I was going to live 

I miss you a lot

I hated the choices you madeI

t cost you everything 

But in the end I thank you

My life here is wonderful  

I still love you

And I always will

You will always be my Mother.

Friday was spent cleaning, gardening, librarying, and teaching in the afternoon. I called the doctor about my throat and the assistant said it could be strep without the pain. Yikes! My throat was so tired from teaching, and aching. The Salchak family had to cancel, and Sue Branson decided not to come. I spent the remainder of the evening relaxing with some DVD’s. 

Yesterday, after watering plants, and showering, I returned to my bedroom with about 15 DVD’s I brought home from the library. Jose’s friend, Tom, spent Friday night with us. Around Noon, after teaching two lessons, Jose and Tom went to his house, later calling to ask to spend the night with Tom. My voice has been absent all week due to allergies, or asthma. I spent the entire day relaxing with reading, movies, and enjoying some quiet in the house.

I did not feel like heading to church this morning, and I hate it because it is Music Sunday. My voice is a little stronger, but still weak, and it is so tiring to speak.

Right now I am listening to Don Nuen, formerly of Ball State, conduct the Chrystal Cathedral chorus on a Faure selection, which is absolutely beautiful.

It is 10:10am.  Three years ago, 2004, my grandfather, Leroy Barmes, was within the last hour of his earthly life. The night before, Wednesday, I learned that his organs were shutting down, and waited for the next call which I knew would be coming within the next 24 hours.  He passed away on a Thursday morning at 10:55am.

The music of Faure is fitting for this morning of remembering an individual who had a great impact on me for nearly 40 years.

I have no major plans for the day – just reading, relaxing, and enjoying time alone until Jose returns from Tom’s.

This week is busy – the end of school, meetings with Jose’s teachers, finishing up the summer teaching schedule… Jose will be taking physical education from 8:00am-Noon, beginning June 11th thru June 29th; and then July 9th, marching band practices begin…

Wishing you all a great day!