5:00am came toooooo early this past Saturday morning! I went to bed at 11:00pm Friday night, and woke up promptly at midnight.  At 1:30am, I drifted off to sleep, and the alarm clock began beeping at 4:45am.

I rose, watered plants, completed more prepping for the day, showered, and then began herding Tom, Jose, and Bill through the showers.

We were at school at 6:30am, left at 6:45am, and arrived at Loveland Middle School for the contest at 8:00am. The choirs did a fantastic job.

By 9:30am, we were at the front gate of Kings Island waiting for the park to open at 10:00am. People were gathered at one side, prepared to race towards the new coaster, Firehawk. The signs were posted that it would not open until Noon, but that did not stop folks from racing towards the premiere ride.

Loretta Henderson, the KMS choir director, and I paired off and had a blast on Delirium, Top Gun, Adventure Express, Face Off, and Racer. We had lunch where Jose and Bill joined us at a separate table – typical teens! 

Just as we were prepared to go into Flight Of Fear, there was an announcement that Firehawk, after a 45 minute opening delay, was to open. Our teacher friend, Tina McNachten had just arrived to join us for the day, and the three of us raced to the line of Firehawk where we waited from 12:45pm-4:15pm. Excruciatingly long in wait, but so worth it! Wow!


We ate supper, and enjoyed more rides: the Beast, Top Gun again, Delirium again, Vortex, and a few other things before it was time to meet at the front entrance at 9:30pm.

We arrived home by 11:00pm, saw kids off with parents, dropped Bill & Tom off, and then Jose and I dragged our butts home, and into bed… only to get up early for church.

(Above) KMS choir students at the front entrance at Kings Island.

(Above) Two of the best teaching gal-pals in the world, Tina McNachten, left, and Loretta Henderson, right.

(Above) Tom, Bill, & Jose at Kings Island.