What a fun, eventful, yet very busy day!


  • 6:00am    Watering plants in front & back yards
  • 6:30am    Shower, dress, ReLiv shake, work on Emails
  • 7:00am    Jose up and in shower; I pack things for the day
  • 7:30am    Jose and I head to Kettering Middle School (KMS) for a 7:45am rehearsal; Jose is assisting the baritone section since several key singers will not be at contest Saturday.
  • 7:45am    Rehearsal – Jose kicks ass in the baritone section – am proud of my son!
  • 8:20am    Drove Jose back to Van Buren Middle School
  • 8:45am    Met my neighbors, Kay Moore, and her daughter, Laura Parker, for breakfast at First Watch.
  • 10:15am   Stopped by Kroger
  • 10:40am   Back at KMS
  • 11:00am   7th grade choir
  • 11:40am   Lunch/Break
  • 12:45pm   8th grade choir
  • 1:30pm    Return home; get tons of things done
  • 2:15pm    Started teaching
  • 4:30pm   Tom & Bill Manoussakis arrive to spend the weekend with us
  • 6:30pm   Chinese buffet – three teens can devour so much food!
  • 7:30pm   Kroger to get some veggies to put in the German potato salad I am making for my neighbor’s cook out Sunday afternoon
  • 8:00pm   Photos of Tom & Bill to make a photo collage for their parents’ wedding anniversary gift
  • 9:00pm   Chopped potatoes and veggies; spuds and eggs on to boil; load of towels; set out guest towels (OK, not really guest towels, but just folded so they look spiffy – 14 and 13 year old boys will hardly take notice)
  • 10:10pm  Blogging
  • 11:00pm  Hopefully in bed


  • 5:00am   Darin in shower
  • 5:30am   Tom in shower (Bill & Jose eat)
  • 5:40am   Jose in shower (Tom eats)
  • 5:50am   Bill in shower (while others eat and get ready)
  • 6:15am   Head to KMS
  • 6:30am   Arrive at KMS
  • 6:45am   Buses leave for Loveland Middle School
  • 7:30am   Arrive at Loveland Middle School
  • 8:00am   Choirs perform
  • 9:00am   Head to Kings Island – while all this is going on, my brother, sister, and family friends will be moving Mother into her new house back in Elwood, Indiana….
  • 9:30am   Arrive at Kings Island
  • 2:00pm   Darin will be ready for a nap
  • 9:45pm   Depart from Kings Island for Kettering
  • 11:00pm  ETA @ KMS
  • 11:30pm   Darin will hopefully be adding ingredients to potato salad
  • Midnight  In bed… please, God!


  • 7:00am   Rise, water plants, shower, dress
  • 8:15am    Jose up
  • 8:45am    Leave for church
  • 9:15am   Sunday school
  • 10:30am   Church
  • Noon       Home
  • 2:00pm   Cookout at neighbors’

From then on, I have no idea what I will do… I dare not nap as I will be WIDE AWAKE all night. I do have a lesson to teach at 5:30pm for an hour.  Monday will be regular lessons in the afternoon and evening.

So, it may be a few days before I blog again!

Have a fantastic weekend – and make it GREAT!