It was funny that I should receive three Emails on the same day, inquiring about my blogs. I really appreciate those Emails.

I took the summer off from writing the blogs. I really don’t have a good reason for doing so, but I did. I did miss writing them, and reading the various responses posted on the blog, or Email.

So here is a recap from the summer:

Not much happened. I began my regular summer schedule of teaching only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, mornings, afternoons, and very early evenings. I figured I would spend my Thursdays and Fridays writing; however, that did not materialize since I was busy running boys to dentist or doctor appointments, running errands, and doing other things. I did participate in a book reading club on Thursday evenings and that was enjoyable.

Again, nothing major happened. The Fourth of July, usually one of my favorite holidays, was rather dull. We watched the downtown Dayton fireworks off the river, and then the Kettering fireworks. Jeffrey Carter and his son, AJ, from Ball State, stopped by one Friday morning as they headed east for a Washington, DC/Virginia vacation, and that afternoon, Mother, Dena and my nephews came over for a weekend visit to celebrate Matthew’s 17th birthday. We did a lot of biking and hiking. Several of my students were in summer musicals, such as Oklahoma!, Bye, Bye Birdie, and The Music Man – and they all did a super job! I assisted a good number of students in their preparations for the Muse Machine summer production in which I had 24 former or current students performing. Jeff Carter, en route from a quick trip to Kings Island to view a show, stopped by for cheese cake, lemon bars and coffee. I sang in a quartet at church with Kristen Zimmann, Chris & Nathaniel Stevens, accompanied by Dana Peters.

The biggest thing with August was Mother coming over to visit for a few days. The boys got their schedules for school, Jose had friends over several times a week, and besides biking, going to church, and enjoying visits, it was a fairly quiet month.