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Here are our photos from our Washington, DC portion of our Spring Break. Then go to Spring Break 2005-2006. You can put them on Slideshow and adjust the speed.

We left at midnight Thursday/Friday, and arrived at Arlington Cemetery at 8:30AM… and then we were off running!

* Arlington Cemetery – ironically the favorite portion of the trip for the boys; saw changing of the guard and wreath laying ceremony; also saw graves of President Taft from Ohio and grave site of Robert Todd Lincoln and son, Abraham Lincoln II.

* The Awakening – a really neat statue; ate lunch here

* Mount Vernon – home of George & Martha Washington; in the garden is a bench where my Grandma Donna sat for a photograph during her 1940 senior class trip; since then, each time we visit Mt. Vernon, we sit on this bench for a photo.

* The White House Garden Tour – if you ever have a chance to take this tour – do it! It was as good as going in the house (which I really wanted to do!). The Marine Band was playing on the South Portico (but not for me specifically) and they played a medley from my favorite musical, RAGTIME. You can see the the West Wing, Oval Office and The Rose Garden where Tricia Nixon was married in 1972. Towards the end you can see The Children’s Garden established by Lady Bird Johnson – featuring hand prints in brass molds of all the White House grandchildren since 1968.

* The Old Post Office – we ate lunch in the beautifully remodeled Old Post Office. In the tower we got a great view of all Washington.

* Ford’s Theatre/Peterson House – the box where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and the room/bed in which he died.

* The International Spy Museum – (no photos) Go see this when you visit Washington – I loved this place and could have spent an additional 2 hours!
* Monuments by Night – we took a great walking tour of all the monuments lit up at night. The new WWII Memorial is absolutely moving!

* National Cathedral – we worshiped here at 9:00AM and it was gorgeous. We paid a visit to President Woodrow Wilson’s tomb near where we sat, and then looked a round following the service.

* The Mall – we again toured the Mall to see the monuments

* The Tidal Basin – what a great time to visit – the Cherry Blossom Festival! We walked around the entire Tidal Basin which was packed with others in for the festival. We ate lunch at the FDR Memorial, and then walked around to the Jefferson Memorial. While I was photographing the statue the boys came and grabbed me. Jose said, “Father! We found the other Washington Monument!” When you look through the photographs you will see what he meant. It was a riot!

* The Holocaust Museum – (no photos) Kind of a downer for such a beautiful day, but the boys seemed to appreciate it.
* Union Station – I have always wanted to visit Union Station and this was a treat for me.

* While riding the subway from Union Station to The Smithsonian complex, I accidentally pulled us off the train too early. We hopped back on the next train and Jose said, “Look in the next train! There’s Nick Budich!” Sure enough, there was one of my students, Nick and his family. Nick is in show choir and has been in the musicals at Fairmont. He has often watched our house/pets when we were away, and frequently use our bathroom going to and from school.
* The Smithsonian/American History – we saw the entire American History Museum which is always my favorite part. We spent a good deal of time in the new American War and American President exhibits on the third floor. In the basement is a great exhibit on transportation which I loved. Matthew and I had watched a DVD on the Smithsonian and it featured this exhibit. My two favorite portions were the first automobile trip across the continent and the portion of Route 66 – how cool.

* The Smithsonian/Natural History – we popped in and out of this as it is so huge – but the boys got to see the world’s largest diamond – the Hope Diamond.

* The National Archives – it was impossible to photograph the documents and get them to turn out; however, I did photograph the bathroom where, in the movie NATIONAL TREASURE, Nicholas Cage changed clothes and prepped to steal the Declaration of Independence. They now have a brand new wing called the Public Vaults which has so many interesting items – I could have spent a day here.

* Old Post Office – ate there again and went to the tower.
* The Smithsonian/Air & Space Museum – seeing the 1903 Wright Flyer always gives me chills. Now, instead of hanging in the main hall, it is in its own special exhibit – on the floor for a closer look. I have mixed feelings on this as I love walking into the main hall and seeing it hanging above. Still, the exhibit is fantastic. In another room there are some items from Glenn Curtiss – the aviator who challenged the Wright patent. Curtiss’ motorcycle and trophies are on display. After walking through the fantastic Apollo exhibit, we ate ice cream on the Mall and then returned to watch the 3-D Apollo film in the IMAX.

* After wading through eleven miles of traffic, we arrived at Arlington Cemetery and took the subway to The Capitol Complex.
* Longworth Building – one of the congressional office buildings was named after Nicholas Longworth, a congressman from Cincinnati, who married Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter. We went to the 7th floor and met with the staff of our representative, Mike Turner, a former Dayton mayor (and a damned good one!).

* The Capitol Building – our intern was deplorable! He really did not know his facts, and it was a miserable tour for me. I did keep my mouth shut – though I was boiling beneath the service. He told our group of 8 that President Garfield was shot in the rotunda and died instantly – Garfield was shot in a Washington, DC train station on July 2 and died September 18. And that was only the beginning! Ugh!!! We went in to listen to a speech from a representative from Oregon, and as we were leaving the House Chambers, I heard, “Hey, Mr. Haas!” And there was Nick Budich and his family again.

We returned to Arlington Cemetery via the subway and took the George Washington Parkway out of the city for some great views. The boys both agreed that, though they loved Disney World and Orlando last year, they felt this was the best.

At 10:00PM, Tuesday, April 4th, we pulled into our driveway! The Lockharts, with whom Flyer stayed, was already back and eagerly awaiting us.


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