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I hear two-parent families talk about their busy schedules, juggling the load of taking their children to and from various events, often invoking the assistance from grandparents or other family members. Tonight, one mother sat on the sofa across from me, as the next student had not arrived, and was going through her schedule for today and tomorrow. Her husband, a major in the air force, is TDY and she is responsible for getting her two children to their various places – their saxophone and piano lessons, their tutoring and then home for supper and homework. The mother, who does not work outside the home suddenly stopped, was embarrassed and then began apologizing and howling with laughter. “I am so sorry! Here you have two children, work during the day and then teach in the evenings – and there is only one of you!”

And how right she is.

I did not tell her that I was up at 6:00 AM to do a load of laundry, cleaned my study, pressed some clothes, showered and slightly shaved, ate a banana, folded my laundry, packed my lunch, got the boys up, fed the dog, walked the dog and was out the door by 7:30 AM, and sitting at my desk at 7:54 AM.

By 8:00 AM I was swamped – and discovered a ton of mistakes scheduled last summer that almost reeked more havoc than I probably could have handled. Without lunch, I fixed every problem thrown my way. Then I hurried to the garage (where I have valet parking – it is still very sweet!) at 1:00 PM, went to the money machine, got a haircut (after waiting on four ahead of me), ran into Aldi’s to get three gallons of milk, hurried through Sears Hardware to get a stronger tape for the radiator hose – listening to one older employee’s litany of how he got a trucker home on duct tape around his radiator hose, rushed home to straighten the house, repaired the hose, walked the dog around the block, folded more laundry, made some coffee, prepared the spaghetti sauce, did the boys’ point sheet, and welcomed my first at 3:00 PM.

This is the way my day generally goes now. I could do a ton more on the weekends, but I refuse to. That is my time with the boys (and my newest son, Adam Stevens-Haas – this is how he signs the attendance pew pad at church) and my time to unwind. I cannot write any more – but this will come, and my love for research has come to a screaching halt…

And it is all still very, very good!

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January 2006
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