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The morning schedule went much smoother! The only snafu occurred as I was walking out the door – the front door knob pulled right off – and the door was still closed! Ugh! I managed to get it open and then assigned mechanically-savvy Matthew to handle the repair job – which he did.

I opened my desk drawers – woa! It was more like two junk drawers! I went in early so I could specifically re-set the desk and fix it up a bit. I also set my favorite photo of my sons and I on my desk – which seemed to capture the attention of the ladies. I had already made up a photo sheet with family photos on it since others seemed to be doing that. My sons and nephews are a hit with the ladies at the Muse. I spent a good five hours of getting the basic things completed, working with tech support so I could retrieve E-mail, wading through tons of papers, and trying to figure out more of the system. Ugh! Still a long road ahead in this arena.

I do love the folks who work at the Muse – really nice ladies. Doug Merk, the student programs director, has been ill, so I am the only man in the office at the moment. I am sure that once we are ready for a second career, Doug and I could easily host our own radio talk show discussing women’s issues! Of course, the one second-career employee informed me that it won’t be as interesting given three are “already post-menopausal.” Go figure.

Tonight at the Chinese restaurant we were seated across from this elderly woman who was in her 80’s. She was darling. We knew several of the same folks from the Kettering School District, and she is a big supporter of the arts in Kettering. She had lost her husband last May, and is restructuring her life. Afterwards, Jose and I went to the church where his confirmation class was held and I took some photographs of a planning meeting for the Katrina Missions trip. What a neat group of people gathered for this effort. We finished up the evening by hitting Wal-Mart so I could purcahse some items for my desk at the Muse Machine… then on home for peach pie and a scoop of ice cream, some television and bed at 10:30pm!

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