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Tuesday was my last free day before re-entering the work force outside the home. Of course, teaching at Kettering Middle School did not seem like ‘the workforce’ but this is so different from the course of my life’s career the past four years. I quickly realized this afternoon when I returned home that life was definitely going to be different on my end.

Tuesday I spent the morning researching a special project on which I am working. After 12:00pm, Monte called to tell me he was in the neighborhood and he stopped by for a while. He had me help him set up a blog site for the church and for a mission trip he and several other area pastors will be taking in February to assist with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It is amazing to me that while my life has continued with little interruption, thousands of others are still struggling with the devastation of last September.

The boys and I sat down to a late dinner and then watched a little of American Idol – ugh! What an incredibly horrible show! I would rather endure festering hemorrhoids than to watch another episode of that show!

This morning I woke and noticed a layer of snow on the back deck. I went out to sweep the snow off the car – which was even more deep than the deck. I ignored the television announcements of school cancellations as I got ready for my first morning at the Muse Machine. Just as I stepped into the shower, Matt returned home at 7:50am because Kettering school’s were on a two-hour delay. I believe that was the first time I have experienced a delay as a parent – good thing my sons are older. I left the house at 8:30am and easily made it to the First Street Parking Garage – with valet service – by 8:45am and was stepping into my little corner of the Muse world at 8:55am. I do have a window that looks down three flights out on to Main Street, and I cannot wait until the sunnier days.

The staff is absolutely wonderful – of course, I am sure they were on their best behavior since I am a newbie. I spent a good deal of time with Carolyn Wheeler and Betsy Clapp who described all the facets of the educational programs – which are far more extensive than what I realized. Later, Gail Whipple appeared on the scene so she could go over all she has done to update the systems, etc. It seems as though the biggest bulk of my work will entail bringing the format and office up to the 21st century with the technological advancements, as well as develop certain aspects of the various areas. There were times when I just wanted to allow my self to feel slightly overwhelmed due to the many things I discovered needing to be completed; however, this is the kind of stuff I like – organizing, building, creating, implementing and working with others.

I arrived home at 2:30pm (after retrieving my valet parked car) and Matt was already home since he was out at 1:00pm due to final semester exams. I called Mother to report on my first day, began teaching at 3:45pm and by 5:30pm I was yawning – no nap! Ugh! The battle scars are showing as I begin this new life – NO NAP!!!

I finished teaching at 7:15pm, ran errands with Jose – who loves these moments with Dad – although they are not the most fun things to be doing. I will do a few odds and ends this evening, and then hit the bed early tonight. I can see now that I should probably miss out on Letterman’s monologue so I can get up at 5:30am in order to get some writing accomplished. There will be no time in the evenings!

This is an adjustment, but a welcome adjustment. I was in an atmosphere surrounded by former teachers and principals, and artistic sorts popping in and out all day. What a perfect place to spend my time!

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