Well, the five long days of constant running and attending events has finally come to an end. It was so hectic and so busy – but so enjoyable in many ways. In five days, I was fortunate to spend time with: Mother; my sister Dena; my nephews, Jonathan & Andrew; friends Jeff, AJ, Joshua, the Ball State Singers; friends from high school Anne Morgan, Angie Knotts, Mark Morgan, Stephanie Grimes, Susan Fettig, Cathy Fettig, Jeff Hughes, Todd McGuire; family friends here in Dayton Adam, Cathy Leininger (student’s mother), the fun people in my Sunday school class and the darling people of North Riverdale Lutheran Church; former students; current students; fellow choral boosters and got to meet a number of new folks this weekend at church, at Ball State and at the show choir contest. It was also wonderful to see current students performing in Beauty & The Beast and at the Beavercreek Show Choir Invitational. I feel so fulfilled at the moment.

Friday morning I woke promptly at 6:00am and began cleaning, doing laundry and getting the house ready for company. I also got Saturday morning’s breakfast prepped so I would not need to get up so early. I finished teaching at 6:30pm and hurried into the shower. Dena and the boys arrived in downtown Dayton at 7:15pm and we went on to the Victoria Theatre where we saw an excellent production of Beauty & The Beast produced by the MUSE Machine. After greeting my students in the cast, as well as former students, we all went to Denny’s where more former students and current students poured in. Finally, at 1:30am we arrived home. Dena got her sons off to bed and then we settled down to relax with some of my weekly taped shows. Finally, the last time I remember seeing on the clock was 3:22am.

Saturday, I was up up at 6:00am and got breakfast going – my typical scrambled eggs, pancakes and potato casserole. Matthew hurried to get ready to leave with the show choir busses and Dena and I took Jose birthday shopping. We returned home around 2:15pm and Dena and the boys returned to Indiana while Jose and I headed east to Beavercreek to catch both of Fairmont’s show choirs in the day competition.Of course, I ran into a bunch of directors, parents, students, etc. and that is always fun. After I saw a former student’s show choir perform, Jose and I hurried to Friendly’s for a birthday dinner, and then back to the high school for the evening competition. Neither of the Fairmont choirs made it into the night finals, so I grabbed Matthew off the bus so he could join Jose and me in the auditorium. The contest ran behind and we arrived home by midnight. As we pulled into the driveway, three students, Dan Moore, Brittany and Thomas Ross were walking up to the driveway. They came in and chatted until 1:30am – and yes, I had them call their parents! At 3:45am, I finally finished some work at my desk and headed to bed.

Sunday morning I woke at 6:15am and by 7:30am I had the boys hustled through the showers and dressed for church. Sunday school, again, was an absolute blast. The people are fun, but I dearly love the great conversation on the topic in class. After church, we chatted with folks and then left with Adam Stevens in tow. He had signed his name on the pew pad as “Adam Haas,” and after church was heading back to Kettering with us to eat Chinese and then play with Jose until confirmation class at 5:00pm. The class was held at a Lutheran church in Oakwood, so en route, we stopped at Orville Wright’s home, Hawthorne Hill, and Smith Gardens. I worked on a special project while the group watched a really neat movie on miracles. Afterwards, I made supper and we had settled down for a few hours of quiet time. The remainder of the evening and early morning was spent catching up on some work.

Monday was another early morning, despite the fact there was no school. Jose and I left for the dentist at 9:15am. He was in the chair at 10:00am for his root canal. His dentist, Dr. Bob Muster, is the neatest guy and he was so good at putting Jose at ease. Jose was a trooper! After we left the dentist we got his prescriptions filled and then went to lunch. Jose was still numb and was always asking me if he had any food on the area of his mouth he could not feel! We got home and he immediately went to lay down for a few hours. I started teaching at 2:00pm and finished at 8:45pm. After making Jose some mac & cheese, I settled down to relax and write some on my blog.

I am exhausted, but what a wonderful weekend it was! Five days of constant running and filling mine and my family’s life with more wonderful people. It is now 10:55pm and I am finally off to bed after seventeen hours of sleep since Wednesday morning!

You can see more photos from this weekend on my Yahoo website: http://profiles.yahoo.com/dljh_dayton