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Saturday was quiet and peaceful. The boys went out to play basketball for a while and after trying a Mexican dish I created (fried rice, chicken, diced tomatoes, peppers, onions and cheese), we headed to see… ugh… The Wedding Crashers. Yes, it was rated R, and I took my two teenage sons to see it. Normally I do not, and we stick to movies PG-13 and under – depending on the content. Although I know I have done well providing them a moral foundation and a steady diet of family values, it is still not an excuse to take my sons to such a movie. A friend said it was receiving rave reviews and that it was something a 16 and 14 year old boy could handle… yes, they seemed to handle it well. I glanced their way while the one scene had boobage popping out all over and they were not reacting with typical teenage snickers and poking one another in the side. Good deal!

All that aside, the movie was pathetic. It had its funny moments in the first half, but for the most part, the last 45 minutes was too long, and quite dull. It seems as though every movie deals with someone falling in love with someone they cannot have due to the person being married, taken or not interested – but they always manage to get together in the end. Life does not always work out this way! I believe this is what I enjoyed most about Ladies In Lavender – there was no true happy ending, and there was a broken heart in the end. That’s life, and one I have known too well. It is OK to have some reality in movies/art.

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January 2006
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