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The boys started back to school Wednesday, and it just seemed as though this past week dragged on. I just could not get into productive mode and feel as though all last week was wasted.

Friday, Pastor Monte and I had a lengthy lunch at Applebees to discuss just about every topic under the sun. The one particular topic I will need to save for a later time, but is one of incredible interest to me. Our lunch lasted from 11:45am to 4:10pm and I believe the rest of the world can rest easy knowing that we solved its problems.

I hurried home to teach three students and then our family friend, Phil Clary, arrived from Cincinnati. Phil rode to ACTION Adoption with Jose and I so he could meet Pat Hill, the executive director and get his information packet and first set of forms. After we chatted with Pat for a while we headed south for Kettering. Matt had arrived home from work so we all went to Friendly’s so Phil and I could eat a very late supper and the boys could have a sundae. We returned home and went to my study to burn a copy of Ray Steven’s 1974 hit, “The Streak,” which I will be arranging and staging for Phil’s men’s chorus. I took some photos and then we spent some time reviewing some of the jokes and videos I receive from family and friends on the computer. Afterwards, we went to the living room to watch Will & Grace and NBC’s newest comedy, Four Kings, that I had taped Thursday evening. If you ever get a chance to see this particular Will & Grace episode, it is well worth it. The episode centers around the group attending The Sound of Music movie-sing-along. It is hilarious! We ended up watching two complete episodes I had taped of Roseanne and at 3:00am, sleepy-eyed Phil left, knowing he had to be at his high school at 8:00am to preside over “Saturday school.” After he left I realized he should have just hit one of the extra beds.

I guess last night was to be our New Year’s Eve – staying up late and sleeping in. I instructed the boys that this was to be a low-key weekend since we have been going strong since the beginning of November with no breaks.

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