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Wow! I hear folks say that I look younger than my 41 years, and have more energy than most my age… well, after an all-nighter this past Friday, and a near all-nighter Sunday night, I am feeling less energized this week.

Monday was spent resting. Today, I had an interview with Susan Pringle at the MUSE Machine ( concern a part-time position with the education department, but she indicated that with my strong theatrical background, they were toying with possibly turning it into a full time position to include the production territory. Interesting, but I am not sure how it will fit with my teaching and family life. Maybe, the time has come for a complete change. Time will tell.

I returned home to teach and then hurry with Jose over to the high school for the orchestra/choral concert, and then a complete combined-ensembles (symphony orchestra and band, and all the choirs) for A Christmas Festival and Hallelujah Chorus. Thursday will be the concert for the bands, followed by a repeat performance of the two combined pieces.

Brody told me that we now have possession of the new facilities. After the concert, I gave a quick tour to some of the senior parents who I felt deserved a peek. So, all my work for next week’s move may be slightly altered.

Phil called and would like the boys to come to Cincinnati Friday evening for dinner, a movie by the fireplace, and an all-boy slumber party. Saturday he would like to hike around the parks, maybe take in the art museum with Matt and Jose. He also wants to discuss Matt traveling to Europe with him this summer for a week or two.

My sister’s youngest son, Andrew, 6, will be off school all next week and she was expecting to find a babysitter for the entire week – however, I called Dena and arranged for him to stay with us next week. So, we may need to alter our Saturday plans to meet her half way for a child-exchange. I also need to finish all my shopping so I can send some of the packages home with Dena so we have enough room to return in the car with three boys, myself, Flyer, suitcases and other gifts.

We are all looking forward to spending next Friday, December 23, with Jeff and AJ for fun in Indianapolis. Although I tend to dread this time of year, I have really enjoyed a more social life these past few weeks with Monte, Phil, Jeff and AJ – all of whom are such wonderful role models for my sons – and good friends to me.

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