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Friday evening I finished teaching and once Matt got home from work at 8:00pm I drove Matt and Jose to the church we have been attending for a youth lock-in. Since the boys were still fairly new to this church, I decided they would only stay until midnight to ease their comfort zone. I dropped them off and then hurried to ACTION to meet with some families. I returned to the church around 10:30pm and discovered one of the chaperones was ill and could not make it, and the other chaperone was heading to bed promptly after pizza. Only 15 or so teenagers were expected, but 32 arrived! I took pity on poor Pastor Monte who was to chaperone all 32 teenagers in a three story church. Jose began asking Monte if he would please see if he and Matt could stay all night…

Thus began a very long night. The best part was getting to have several moments to chat with Monte. There have been so few good ministers whose work/sermons I totally respect, admire and can sit through without being critical – Mike Johnson and Steve Makofka have to be two of the best I have known. Finally, I can add a third – Monte Stevens. These three men are tremendous speakers, as well as excellent ministers.

Around 7:30am, Monte and I began waking those who were still sleeping, and they packed up and departed by 8:30am. Although I was exhausted, it was such a delightful time. The teens were great, and I really enjoyed getting to know a few.

I slept until around 11:00am, and then worked for a few hours and decided to take a nap – which lasted until 5:30pm. I ate supper with the boys and then returned to bed with a book. I am sure I will still be catching up on rest the remainder of the coming week… but it was worth it.

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December 2005
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