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The weekend is over…

Friday I finished teaching at 6:15pm and hurried to ACTION Adoption to teach a class to prospective adoptive parents. Afterwards, I chatted with some former students, Ted and Annie, who will be going to committee on Thursday with the state of Oregon for three young children.

Saturday, I prepared lunch in the crock, and then began preparations for Sunday’s breakfast, talking to Jeff Carter on the phone as I played Donna Reed in the kitchen. The boys and I completed some errands and then welcomed Mother, Dena and the boys for the weekend. I had prepared chicken burrito casserole for lunch so we sat down to lunch right after they arrived. Mother pinned up my new suit pants so I could have them hemmed, and then I trotted over to Sheila Magnuson’s to open her chimney flugh.

We walked over to the high school for the dinner & concert, only to find out, an hour before the concert that they had run out of spaghetti. We all hurried back to my house (next door to the high school) to get the cars and drive to Subways. We left Subways to find our cars all iced up and the streets very slick. I let Mother out at the front door and then hurried to park at the church across the street.

The concert was good and certain moments of the show choir portion were quite entertaining. Will O’Hanlon’s portrayal of Elvis, and Daniel’s rappin’ Rudolph were fantastic! Following the concert we moved to the commons where they served desert.

We left the high school around 9:40pm to a world of ice. As Jose and I crossed the street in front of the high school I could not even get up the wheelchair incline. The parking lot was full of cheerful scrapers and we all laughed as we scraped windows with a 1/4 inch of ice. Finally, I hurried over to the end of the east unit to pick up Mother and Matt while Dena waited for her windows to defrost.

Back in our driveway I let Mother out and pulled up further so Dena would have room. Matt assisted Mother and as I stepped off the porch to help in the assist, my feet flew out from under me and I landed full force on the steps, falling right on my wrist, side (kidney) and hip. I sat there for several minutes unable to move and refusing Mother’s suggestion of calling an ambulance. Finally, I was able to move and entered the house. I could move, but was pretty stiff.

I sent an Email to my friend, Phil, to let him know that despite the weather and my fall, I still intended on coming to Cincy the following afternoon. The telephone immediately rang as instant messages from Phil began popping up on the computer screen – Phil pointed out that the concert series was not this weekend but next weekend. Whew!

Sunday morning I woke with no bruises! Very sore, but no bruises. After church, we ate Chinese and the family returned to Indiana. I took a nap, and then Jose and I went to a movie while Matt remained home to work on some Christmas gifts.

Today, Monday, I am achy, but mobile!

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