This evening we had our dinner at 9:15pm… Monday and Wednesday nights I am teaching when Matthew leaves for show choir, so we have a snack around 5:00pm, and eat supper together when he returns home from rehearsal. That is one thing upon which I insist – we eat dinner together.

One rule in the house is “no candy upstairs” in the boys’ room. This became an issue several years ago when ants invaded the room. It does not help that two black walnut trees hug our house – especially next to their room. This morning I noticed tons of dead ants at the foot of the stairs… the trail led upstairs where their carpet was buried with hundreds of black ants. After playing Sherlock Holmes, I discovered candy that had fallen behind one of the dressers and candy wrappers by Jose’s bed. As I continued the search I discovered a plethora of clothes, trash, etc. under their beds – a major “no, no.” Of course, they had told me their room had been thoroughly cleaned last week – one of their chores – sweeping, dusting, cleaning – the whole shebang.

I spent 90 minutes cleaning their room – something I almost refuse to ever do. However, they were appropriately rewarded a nice chunk of extra chores this evening after school.

Tonight there was a PBS documentary on Lucille Ball, hosted by Fran Fine and Carol Burnette. I have seen it before but I can always watch it over and over, again. Matt and I had watched some of the I Love Lucy classics on DVD, but Jose was not as familiar with her. The three of us could barely eat our tuna casserole because we were laughing so hard. During the segment where they highlighted her funniest moments, we were all wiping away the tears and cackling.

At the end, Carol Burnette, a dear friend of Ms. Ball, was explaining how Lucy had always sent roses on her birthday. Ms. Burnette said Lucy was in the hospital the week of her birthday and the next morning she woke to hear the news that Lucy had died… on Carol Burnette’s birthday. That afternoon, the flowers, ordered the day before she died, arrived from Lucille Ball. How beautiful! I looked over and both boys had tears in their eyes.

What an incredible woman she was, and still is in many ways. I cannot flip through channels and not stop to watch an I Love Lucy episode, no matter how many times I may have seen it. I was so glad that the zany red-head could still work her magic on my two sons. Despite the rough start of the ant invasion and me cleaning their room, Lucy brightened our evening and gave us plenty of reason to laugh… and cry.

Diane Sawyer summed it up so beautifully at the end, “Heaven certainly must be a happier place now that Lucy is there.”