Well, a year ago tonight Matthew and I stood in the concourse of the Dayton International Airport, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jose. Our first telephone call was September 3rd and I had a nice 30 minute chat until Matt arrived home from show choir rehearsal. Jose immediately asked to talk to Matt, and for the next two weeks, each night for an hour or so, those two chatted away.

I knew Jose and his siblings were Hispanic and I was busy watching for a little Mexican boy. The crowd continued and suddenly this little Indian (Eastern) boy was excitedly waving at me. I nodded. I suddenly realized it was my Jose! He immediately left the side of his case worker and jumped into our arms. Jose was home.

As we waited for his luggage, I continued looking at this little stranger who was to be my new son. He was animated (and even more so now) and so brave. Like Matt a few years before, Jose was so courageous to leave his home and friends to come live with complete strangers – and then, call them “my family.”

For two weeks I had prepared her by saying, “Jose is coming to live with us.” She would cock her head and look at me. We brought Flyer with us, leaving her in the car. As we approached the car, Flyer immediately went into defense mode and was ready to tear into the young creature walking with Matt and myself. I opened the door and said, “Jose’s here!” Flyer suddenly shifted from defense mode to utter excitement. She began crying and shaking and was all over Jose. She had her own new pet at last!

At home we took our first photographs together and after chatting a little while, I tucked both my sons into bed. I told Matt that once he completed his 3rd hour exam he could come on home from school. So, that night, both boys chatted away – well past 2:00am. It was the most beautiful song I had ever arranged…

So, it has been a delightful year as Jose’s father. I am in the process of looking for more sons, and I pray I will be as fortunate to find ones that will be as wonderful as the two I now have.