Matt started his new job this past Tuesday, working in the dining hall of the posh, reputable One Lincoln Park – a retirement community across the street. I had several students work there throughout the years and have provided a ton of references for them. In August, when Matt was officially hired, Jose was eagerly telling everyone that Matt had a new job “wiping old ladies’ butts.” At some point in the family it became a joke of Matt “patting old ladies’ butts.” Now, Matt does not have the quick wit of his younger brother but when he does grab one, it is a classic. Matt came home Tuesday night after his first night of work and I asked him if he patted any old ladies’ butts. He looked surprised and said, “No, Dad!” Then he smiled and said, “They all patted mine.”

Tonight, he rushed over to the high school’s vocal jazz concert for M-Pact and on the walk home I asked him how the night went. Matt explained that as he was leaving one table an elderly lady let out a sigh to the other ladies and said, “My, my, my! He’s cute.”