It is already the middle of September. Yesterday was the first part of June… and somehow I lost several months. The summer was delightfully busy and for the first time in years I was fortunate to have some fun time. The summer of 2003 I could easily write off since there were two boys (foster/respite) who were with us – and life was just not pleasant. The summer of 2004 began with my grandfather’s death and I could not shake the blues that accompanied his passing. This summer was just fun!

Several visits to Indiana with the family… an evening with the Richards, Jeff Carter, AJ Hunter and Corby York… hiking with the Berlon & Haas boys… tons of swimming and biking…

JulyMy sister, Mother and nephews came over for a visit… we visited Indiana…. Jeff and AJ invited the boys and I over for a pool party, dinner and movie… more hiking and biking and swimming…

Trip to Cleveland for a concert… Kings Island… State Fair with the BSU Singers and then the pool party afterwards… more visits to Indiana with the family…

On most Tuesday nights, the Salchaks (Christi, Paul, Carrie and Sam) and Sue & Sara Branson joined us in pot-luck dinners… so much fun and laughter. One of the best evenings was when Sue had us make our own individual ice cream! Neat!

And here we are in mid-September… School has begun and the boys are doing so well. I knew Matt would, but Jose has mastered his organization skills and loves school. This summer his tutor, Sue Branson, worked so hard with him and it paid off. He now loves math and has become a favorite of his teacher.

Fall is nice, but one of my least favorite times of the year… yes, the trees are lovely and the fall foliage is wonderful in Southwestern Ohio, but Spring and Summer are my months.