Whew… it is Monday night and the weekend has finally passed. And what a weekend it was.

Friday night, Brian drove to Mason to stay at the Best Western across from Kings Island. The boys had an early supper – I got them a bag of Rally’s hamburgers (we seldom do fast food) and drove to Cox Arboretum, a beautiful park not too far from us. Afterwards, I drove to Mason where Brian and I enjoyed a late dinner at Perkins. As we were eating, an elderly gentleman approached our table and it was obvious he was experiencing dementia or possibly Alzheimer’s. He stopped, tossed a used napkin on our table and asked if either of us knew of who was the 1972 star player was for the Bengal’s (I did not even recall a musical called THE BENGALS from 1972…). The gentleman across from us excitedly said he knew. Immediately the elderly gentleman whirled around and repeated his question. Brian and I had been discussing Disney World and all the parks in Florida and he mentioned The Tower of Terror just as the man left our table area. The lady across from us asked, “There’s a Tower of Terror at Kings Island?” There were a few other comments – and Brian and I could scarcely control our laughter – we knew she and her husband were double checking their Kings Island map once they returned to their car to see where they had missed the Tower of Terror.

Saturday morning we were on the road at 9:00am to Kings Island. We met Brian at his hotel and drove over. From 10:00am until 10:00pm we hit all the major rides, had lunch, water breaks, amusing times waiting in line playing alphabet games or still wondering where the Tower of Terror was! At one point, while we were on the Vortex and waiting to re-enter the loading/unloading zone, there was a group of people waiting for another ride near by. I shouted out, “Hey! Chris!” I called out “Chris” again and people in line were turning to find Chris. Brian shouted and waved. People were really interested in assisting us find Chris. Finally, this befuddled teenager shouts back, “But I’m Chris!” Our Vortex car took off and we were rolling!

We left the park, famished and could only find a Frisches Big Boy open. We ate a semi-decent meal and headed back to Kettering.

Sunday we all slept in and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at First Watch, a great eaterie a few blocks away. Lunch was great and I ran into a very dear friend, Ingrid, who I have not seen in years. Afterwards, we walked through the festival at Lincoln Park. We walked back home and the boys watched a movie while Brian and I sat out back and chatted for several hours. Afterwards, we decided to go to Barnes & Noble for a while and then go see the movie, The Brothers Grimm.

We were up and early to head to the parade which takes place on the opposite end of our block. Matt worked the Choral Booster’s refreshment stand, Jose played football with a group of fellow students he collected, and Brian and I sat next to a great couple with four sons. The parade was not nearly enjoyable as in years past, and seemed long and spread out. Afterwards, Brian, Jose and I went to La Pinata for a great Mexican lunch. Brian left around 2:00pm and I took a quick nap.

I taught three lessons and then took the boys to Marion’s Pizza a few blocks away.

What a great weekend this was! But it also signals the end of summer, which I dearly love.