I went to bed to such cool breezes and woke to smothering humidity. Ugh!

I have one family for 90 minutes on Tuesdays, and this morning, the older brother, a former student now in college, returned to take the one slot belonging to his younger sister who is in Italy and Greece this week. Joey is performing at his uncle’s wedding this September and needed some brush up work. It was so great having him back in the studio – he has the neatest personality and although he has not studied with me for three years, it was as though he never left. After their lessons, I sat and talked with Mrs. Taylor for the longest time. I always try to reserve time at the end of their lessons so we can talk. She and I, as several other parents, see eye to eye on so many aspects of family life. I know our children sometimes grumble when we share ideas, but I truly respect Robin (and other parents) for her experience and success in raising her own children.

Learning about raising children has become a fascinating journey. I love learning, and as a parent I find that I need to learn more. Just when I think I have tackled one aspect in raising my sons, something else crops up. Of course, I have been blessed with my sons, Matt and Jose, but I continue to raise the bar. There are times when I know I have succeeded, and there are those moments when I know I need to readdress issues.

The boys and I went to dinner, as we generally do on Tuesdays, and then to the downtown library for videos and DVD’s. Later, I drove to Wal-Mart to get a pair of reading glasses (yes, I am 40 and looking the part!). I guess now I have to learn more about growing older with grace and style!