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Just a mundane Monday. I was hoping to get the boys to the pool but there was a threat of afternoon thunderstorms and I did not want the boys caught at the pool while I was teaching. I taught in the morning, worked through my early afternoon break, and then resumed teaching from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Monday is spaghetti night so we can cook, eat and clean up fast. Afterwards, we go grocery shopping and then drive around a variety of locations as we return home. I love those times with the boys.

Once we returned home the rain broke loose and the night air became refreshingly cool. It poured quite some time and just kept the cool breezes flowing throughout the house.

I received a new book, The Musical Theatre Writer’s Survival Guide by David Spencer. What a great tool! Mr. Spencer has provided a wonderful book to assist those of us – both beginners and old timers – a super resource. I have been directing professionally since 1984 and I still try to learn as much as I can. This is a lively and insightful book about the art, politics, and business of making musical theatre and as such, it’s a handbook no one seriously interested in musical theatre should be without.

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July 2005
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