We just returned home from a wonderful Hoosier weekend.

Sunday morning, Mother and I talked alot, had a cookout with Dena and the boys, talked some more, put in Mother’s screens, napped and then left Elwood around 6:00pm. We drove down to Hope so I could scope out the area for the family reunion in a few weeks. While at the cemetery, Flyer got into something – either droppings from a previous animal or a dead animal. We drove to a gas station where I purchased two gallons of water – and used my shamppo to give her a quick bath.

After we left Hope we cut across country and drove through Hartsville where there had been one of the first co-educational colleges in the country in 1850. The Wright Brothers’ parents met at this college.

We arrived home around 10:30pm – the boys unpacked the car and are now giving Flyer a real bath. Hopefully I will be settled into bed by 1:00am so I can get a solid five hours of sleep.