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Another damp day here in the Miami Valley.

One of my students, Zach, is coming over for a make-up lesson and bringing his brother, Caleb. Zach is a year younger than my son, Matt, and will be a freshman this year at Fairmont. Zach and Matt have always hit it off and have been in choir, and now show choir together. Jose and Caleb are in the same grade and same pod at Van Buren Middle School. They began great friends and have been to basketball and church camp together this summer. Jose thinks Caleb is about the best there is. Of course, Zach and Caleb have had great parenting. Scott and Amanda are super parents and I observe them closely for ideas. When it comes to the foundation of raising children, we are on the same page!

There is a chance the weather will clear up and we will have a respite of sunshine – something we have sorely missed the past few days.

Took Jose, Zach and Caleb to the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center in West Dayton so they could get a glimpse of the Wright Brothers neighborhood and enjoy some things in the museum/interpretive center. Then we drove over to Woodland Cemetery to see the Wright Family burial site. Delivered the boys home and talked with Amanda Berlon for a while while Jose and Caleb played with the soccer ball and frisbees. Jose is on cloud nine when he gets to do those things. I am debating whether to leave for Indiana this evening or wait until the morning. If we stay here tonight I will be able to accomplish more work – in Indiana I would talk to Mother and my sister more.

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