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Yesterday was just a typical day of teaching and dinner out with some friends afterwards. Came home and worked on the musical and while searching some Wright Brothers items on the internet, I discovered all these new musicals on the Wright Brothers, 95% devoted to children and/or schools. The ones who are full-blown musicals all deal with their lives before Kitty Hawk and up to the first flight in 1903.

Flyer, the Musical is one of the new musicals still in the workshop stage. The website is pretty cool. The ASCAP workshop version was directed by Broadway’s very own Stephen Schwartz (composer of Wicked, Godspell, Pippin, Children Of Eden)

Learn more about this musical at:

We have rain or thunderstorms on the agenda for the next few days. The weather is dreary and damp. Hurricane Dennis is making his presence known here in Ohio. We are heading home to Indiana for a long weekend. I want to finish up some loose ends on the family genealogy, and then Saturday, the boys and I are spending the afternoon as guests of Jeffrey Carter, the BSU Singers director. We are looking forward to the weekend.

The following weekend is filled with some events with friends and then a wedding. Matt’s 16th birthday is the 28th and I need to plan something for that, as well as tie up loose ends on the family reunion August 6th.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this wet, rainy, dreary Wednesday!

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