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For my summer schedule, Mondays and Tuesdays are my longest days of teaching. I have a morning session from 9:00am until noon, then the afternoon session from 3:00pm until 7:00pm. Wednesdys I have four students in the morning, and then three in the afternoon – done by 5:00pm. Thursdays and Fridays I always reserve for extra writing and family time. With this schedule I am allowed semi-four-day-weekends.

I got so much accomplished on the Wright Brothers musical this weekend, and even yesterday. I am doing more editing and then will probably have more chunks to revise. At this time, the lyricist and composer are doing their thing. Our deadline is now August 15, and we are hoping to have a lunch on the terrace of Hawthorn Hill, the home of Orville Wright, and his sister, Katharine, on August 19 – the birthdays of Orville and Katharine Wright, and National Aviation Day.

Hawthorn Hill is in Oakwood, around the corner from where I live in Kettering. It was designed, in part by the Wright Brothers and Katharine, and finished by a local firm. Unfortunately, Wilbur died in 1912 and never got to live in the house. The family moved into Hawthorn Hill in April 1914. The Wrights originally purchased 17 acres but most of the land was sold off after Orville’s death. It was sold to NCR upon Orville’s death in 1948.

I have been in it a few times and it is gorgeous. I often drive by, or walk up to sit on the terrace. It is a very beautiful and peaceful setting.

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